Upper frame steps


  • gloves for glueing
  • piece of wood to apply glue


  • epoxi glue
  • LiPo charger (e.g. Sparkfun PRT-12711)
  • painted upper frame
  • base plate


End result

upper frames painted and equipped with battery charger

Assembly, right hand version

For a right-hand version of the instrument, assembly is straight forward: Glue the charger into the frame with epoxit glue.

Apply glue evenly.

positioning of the charger in the right handed version

Assembly, left hand version

for the left hand version, the charging circuit has to be flipped over to fit the hole. Attach nylon circuit board spacers to the circuit board and glue the component in. This ensures a parallel alignment of the socket.

Attaching nylon circuit board spacers to the circuit board.

spacers, board and frame fit snug.

Put the charger upside down into the upper frame so that the plug will fit through the hole.

baseplate mounting

Put base plate on top.